Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy day

Alright well first off I need to figure out how to get more people to follow me on here! If you have any ideas of what to do I am willing to look into them. On another note, I want to start my own website, the only problem is I really don't know how or even what to do. SOOOOO that means I need some ideas of how to promote my website there too well that is if I were to even do one!
Okay so to the point of why I am blogging today!!
Well, today was my Friday and I worked 8-5 so that was nice considering that my grandparents are in town and I NEVER get to see them. Sometimes I wish I could see them more often. Anyways, so work went okay for the most part. I really hate working when my assistant manager is there because he is always there barking demands and you feel like he gives you a longer list to get done than what anyone in the world to get to. He has expectations that are so stinking high that its like impossible to meet. So I have come to the conclusion that no matter how hard a person works for or around him he will still be unhappy. I mean I don't really have any problems with him and he for the most part leaves me alone. I just don't like the work environment that he creates when he is around, kinda makes you feel like you want to duck under a table when he comes into a room.
My boyfriend Scott has huge problems with him as I have wrote about in previous posts. I guess last week our assistant manager told him that if outs (how many products that we are out of) are not turned in that person in whatever department will be coached. Well right now Scott is kinda frustrated because he forgot to turn in the outs and if he gets coached he gets the "green" slip which means that he will be let go. I say what they heck, who cares you get unemployment and in the mean time look for a new job. He hates his job, well not what he does but those who he works around. Plus I don't feel that the way he is treated is very fair nor is it right. It isn't Scotts responsibility to know problems going on in the department, I believe that is for the department manager who is also being a complete and total jerk to Scott.
Scotts department manager has had Scott working 4-1 shifts for the past year and has been giving him Friday and Saturdays off. Recently Scott was told that if he doesn't open his availability then he will be forced to step down to part time. Okay so he made the decision to open it because we couldn't afford for him to be part time. Well know his department manager is SCREWING Scott over. Now he is working closing shifts afterhe was promised the schedule I previously stated. I just don't get what is going on at Wal-Mart, they are "cleaning house" right now, meaning there has been tons of people getting fired.
Well, other than all of that, I am out of anything more to say or blog about... So last thing PLEASE SUPPORT SCOTTS WEBSITE
Until next time have fun and stay out of trouble..... Oh and hey I am one of those people who uses coupons to save and I really like this website, it gives great discounts on almost anything for your everyday needs.

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