Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My day 4/14/2009

Alright, well my day started at 4am I rolled out of bed to go to work... BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAHHHH..... Anyways, I had an OKAY day today, I think that management is really messing with my work schedule lately because when I work early shifts, Scott is scheduled to work late shifts, which means that when I get off work he is just getting on so its kinda like a "hi" "bye" type situation. I think this may be wrecking our relationship because we never have any time to be together. I just wish that for once Wal-Mart would realize that people have family outside of that hell-box and give us some time off together..
Do you honestly think that they give a rip? I DON'T THINK SO.. All they can think about is "store 4394 only profited 2.8 million dollars last year, we need to get that higher" What a crock of CRAP if you ask me! PROFITED 2.8 MILLION just one store ALONE.... Give it up they are nothing more then money hungry jerks who plain out tell you that if you don't like your schedule we will find someone who wants your job.... Oh how bad I want a new job! Not to mention our Assistant manager Dennis does nothing more than pick on Scott, he never has anything positive to say to him its always rude ass bull shit. What can you expect out of an ex-military person... Anways, I am just sick and tired of working back to back shifts and feeling like I am not doing a good enough job for anyone.... CANT THEY JUST THANK US RATHER THAN RIP US A NEW ONE????? Well im done for today! Please feel free to leave your thoughts about Wal-Mart I hate that place....

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